Building trusted

The difference is the human approach.

From our founding in 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee, we have focused on building trusted, one-to-one relationships. Meeting a customer face-to-face. Shaking a hand. Listening… really listening to their needs. We’ve earned the respect and trust of more than 600 financial institutions and have the lowest turnover in our industry, making us one of the nation’s leading Merchant Service Providers.

Meet Our Executive Team

Henry Geny

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Henry is an accomplished businessman who has years of experience in building businesses from the ground up, with a focus on creating successful enterprises that are known for exceptional customer service. He began his professional career in the commercial insurance business, developing his agency into a thriving business that continues to expand today. He co-founded Banc Card, recognizing the need for a heightened ability to deliver high quality, reliable systems in a distinctive manner.

Mark Barrett

National Bank Manager/Founder
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With extensive experience in the financial market since 1980, Mark brings strong sales experience and industry knowledge to Banc Card’s customers. Starting in the check industry, Mark has built his national bank network on relationships, and he is using the distinctive Banc Card approach to expand the business to new customers throughout the U.S.

Trey Denny

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Trey graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Accounting and Finance.  After obtaining his CPA, he started his career in public and corporate accounting where he quickly realized that people are better than numbers. Trey has served in various sales and leadership roles over the last 20 years including the marketing, medical, and financial industries.  He found the simple keys to success are doing what you say you will do and always with integrity.  Trey believes, “We are in the people business, and serving people makes great things happen!”

Eva Mathis

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Eva has been with Banc Card for 21 years.  Eva’s experience is in human resources, accounting, management and customer service. Eva believes that customer service is our number 1 priority – without our customers we would not be here!  A positive customer service experience is expected every  time a customer contacts us.

Flynn Doyle

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With 26 years of public accounting experience with large and local regional accounting firms, Flynn understands the value of customer service. He believes it is the responsibility of everyone on the team to ensure customers receive the best quality service. He holds a BS in accounting from UTK.

Danny Henderson

Executive Vice President
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Danny Henderson has extensive experience in the banking and financial area since 1997.  His professional career and growth has come from working in and with financial institutions. Through his experience, he has developed and fostered a fantastic network of friends, cohorts, and partners in the banking industry across the US.  Danny’s network is based on trust, integrity, and above all service!  Danny’s professional experience and service is based on the understanding that people make the difference, and always remembers it is people we are to serve.  Danny strives to bring this passion to Banc Card team every day.

Lee Millard

Executive Vice President
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With 35 years of experience in sales and sales management, and 28 years of those working with financial institutions, Lee strives to provide superior service and support. By developing relationships that enhance the customer experience, he is able to build deeper customer relationships. 

Joey Gourley

Executive Vice President
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Seeking out the new and maintaining the established customer relationships are just a few fundamentals of what Joey bases his work ethics upon. From building his own small business in 2007, to joining Banc Card in 2011, Joey continues to respect the importance of customers and their satisfaction. He works diligently to see that all needs are met, both big and small, for everyone on his team and believes that this is the crucial piece in maintaining trust and satisfaction for everyone.

Ray Mitchell

Chief People Officer
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As an accomplished certified professional in the field of Human Resources, Ray brings over 20 years of progressive, large-scale HR leadership experience to Banc Card. Ray has a diverse HR background spanning multiple industries, including healthcare, restaurant, hotel, public accounting, and financial services. He’s passionate about stewarding a positive culture that attracts, inspires and retains top talent as a competitive advantage. Ray holds a Master’s of Science degree in Human Resources Leadership from Sullivan University, and completed his undergraduate degree in Business Management from McKendree College.

Jennifer Slice

Jennifer Slice

Chief Marketing Officer
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Jennifer graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Marketing.  Jennifer loves the Banc Card culture.  “Banc Card is one big family!  I love that we extend our family culture in our relationships with our customers and business partners.  The best customer service is treating your customers / business partners like family, and that is what we do here at Banc Card.

Winner of the Elavon Arch Award for Eight Consecutive Years

Elavon conducts an annual risk and financial review on each of their partners as part of its due diligence. Banc Card of America has consistently passed these reviews every year.

Banc Card of America has been recognized as one of our top Merchant Service Providers (MSP) in the Elavon Sales channel since its inception in 1997. The leadership, sales team, and customer service of Banc Card have consistently exceeded the expectations of Elavon and their customers. I highly recommend Banc Card of America for your merchants’ processing needs.

David McAlhaney

Senior Vice President, Elavon